A Dream Come True

Our dream began when our founder and his family began to produce Mexican fresh cheese and sell locally to mom and pop stores. It was then when a vision was born to create a family business. In 1981, our dream became a reality when Marquez Brothers International, Inc was established and our flagship brand, El Mexicano®, was introduced to the marketplace. With hard work and dedication Marquez Brothers International, Inc has become a leading Consumer-packaged goods (CPG) firm specializing in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Mexican dairy, meats, beverages and other food products, as well as other consumables.

We manufacture our products in the US and source some products from our affiliate's plant in Mexico. Specialty brands like La Toña® products are sourced from Central America. Product distribution covers the United States, Mexico and extends into Canada, and Europe. This has been accomplished through our efforts as well as doing business with separate business entities.

Throughout our trajectory, we have maintained our promise to offer our customers and consumers multiple product categories with full product lines of delicious Mexican and Latin products. We continuously strive to produce the best in quality, customer service and over all consumer experience. This has distinguished our company and its products throughout the industry and market.



Our 1st warehouse (1981)