Corporate Health and Wellness 

In 2014, Marquez Brothers International, Inc decided to build its own CrossFit® gym within its facility and offer free classes to all its employees. MB CrossFit is a 4000sqft CrossFit affiliate with CrossFit Level-1 certified coaches that program workouts week to week. The “box” is located inside the Marquez Brothers International, Inc warehouse, making it convenient for employees to walk over and take a class. Classes are offered every day for any and all employees.

The strategy of creating and implementing MB CrossFit supports executive management’s initiative to create a corporate culture that breaks down bureaucracy and helps different departments of the organization interact in a more cohesive manner, which we have seen forms a team-building spirit. CrossFit® is about hard work, not giving up, the community and having fun. At MB CrossFit, we see this happening within our organization.

This vision is the start of building a Marquez Brothers International, Inc program dedicated to investing in our employees’ health and well-being.


MB CrossFit® established in July 2014

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